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RP Thing: Three Brothers

Three Brothers

Another drizzly night in the land of Gilneas as three men of similar height, wearing heavy cloaks, entered a random pub in the merchant square of the capital city. The patrons of the bar didn’t even look up at them, content on nursing their own drinks or grumbling to one another about their jobs or family. The bartender gave them a courteous nod as they walked by, but only out of habit—he didn’t pay much attention to them either.

The trio found a table against the wall and sat down, casting off their cloaks and piling them on the extra fourth chair.

The first man looked to be much older than the other two. He was bald and his neatly trimmed goatee was nearly stark white. His eyes were a stark shade of blue with crow’s feet etched deeply around them. He was also extremely skinny compared to the other two and his hands shook visibly as he sat himself down. His eyes darted around suspiciously, taking in every inch of the pub and its patrons.

The second man was bald as well, though it seemed he had to shave his head to be so, evidence of a widow’s peak barely visible. He was much heavier than the other two as well, though he seemed to carry the weight well. His eyes were the same shade of blue as the first man, but lacked the signs of aging. He had a soul patch colored a very dark black which he idly scratched at with a gloved hand while frowning and staring at the tabletop.  

The third man, and the youngest, was freshly shaven with a full head of raven black hair. And also unlike the other two, he was dressed in heavy armor and carried a rather large sword on his belt. He sat down and scanned the room with his, you guessed it, bright blue eyes. Of course, whenever he saw someone looking back, he would give a little nod…and found himself disappointed when the other person would scowl and look away.

"Calm down, Cyrus," the oldest man said, pulling a vial of glowing green liquid from somewhere in his robe, "We don’t need any attention." He popped the cork on the vial and downed the liquid. He shivered and held back a coughing fit.

"You’re the one who will bring us undue attention, brother," said the second man, rolling his eyes and finally removing his gloves. His hands were scarred and he was missing the nails of several of his fingers, "Your sickness seems unusually active tonight."

"We need to rest or Murmur won’t make it to the appointment in time," Cyrus said, sighing and resting his head on his hand, "I still think Ose and I should come with you, big brother."

Murmur grunted and waved his hand dismissively, “How many times do I have to tell you that’s impossible. The people we’re dealing with aren’t the kind who would…appreciate the two of you and your ‘career’ decisions.”

Ose looked between his siblings, “He’s right, even though I fell from the path of the Light a long time ago, the fact that I have official training from the Church means that I’d be instantly suspicious.”

Cyrus rolled his head back and slumped down in his chair, “Fi-i-ine. As long as we get the artifacts, I guess. But I’ve only got a few more days of leave time before I have to be back on duty. If I’m late, my captain will get to asking questions I won’t be able to NOT answer.”

Murmur’s lip curled back in a sneer, revealing heavily rotted teeth that looked as if they should have fallen out of his skull a long time ago, “That’s what you get for joining that awful group of uptight holy warriors. I’m about one  more delay away from leaving you out of our operations from now on.” He held up a crooked finger with a yellowed nail.

Cyrus sat up with a jolt, “Hey, now, don’t do that. You can’t leave me out. This is a family business!”

"Will both of you calm down? Shadow, I’m trying to get a moments peace before the obvious storm hits. The smugglers will probably demand more money and we need to be prepared to…take what we need if necessary," Ose crossed his arms over his chest and leaned back in the chair, which gave a little creak against his weight.

The brothers now sat in silence as the rain outside subsided. But the calm didn’t last long, outside somewhere there was a loud scream that caused everyone in the bar to freeze and gaze towards the main door.

"What in the hell was that?!" The bartender barked, putting down his cleaning rag and hobbling over to a window that looked out into the street. The man’s face paled and he let out a strangled scream, he whirled around and began to run away from the window.

But he didn’t get very far, a split second later the window exploded inwards and a large, shadowy figure came roaring in. It tackled the fleeing bartender and there was a horrendous tearing noise that silenced the screaming man instantly.

Murmur slapped his forehead, “This figures. Brothers, to arms!”

The brothers stood quickly, readying themselves. Ose became encased in a dark shadow as Cyrus drew his sword and Murmur closed his eyes and began chanting in some strange language.

The creature that had burst through the window stood up, reaching nearly nine feet. It was lupine in looks, with teeth like daggers. A Worgen, without a doubt. The brothers had dealt with the creatures before.

Murmur let out a loud syllable and from an outstretched palm a large ball of shadow shot and struck the monster in the chest. The Worgen let out a surprised roar and slammed backwards into the wall, dead before it hit the ground.

The brothers soon realized they weren’t the only ones in the pub armed and already ready for action. The other patrons drew swords, daggers and pistols.

"How did that thing get in here?!" One man shouted, pointing his sword towards the monster corpse.

As if in answer, the front door splintered with a loud crash and a flood of the wolf creatures began pouring into the pub.

"Bloody hell!" Ose shouted over the din of intense battle, "We have to get out of here and to the meeting point. If the city is under attack, our contacts won’t hesitate to flee with the goods and we may never get another chance to—-" he was interrupted by a charging Worgen.

Ose’s shadow shot straight out from his body, taking on the shape of a spike, and impaled the Worgen right through the heart. Cyrus stepped in and lopped the thing’s head off for good measure.

"Agreed!" Murmur cried, "Brace yourselves, we have to move quickly!" He waved his hand and the air next to him seemed to twist as a dark cloud began to form. From the dark cloud, an instant later, emerged a voidwalker. The demon picked Murmur up, placing him on its shoulder, and shot straight for the door.

The two younger brothers followed the demon. The streets, however, were no better. All around them dozens of humans were fighting dozens of Worgen in frenzied, intense combat. It was impossible to tell which side was winning. The gutters were running red with the blood of the wounded and fallen. But none of that bothered the brothers in the slightest, each used to being in the midst of battle.

Several Worgen broke off from the pack fighting a cluster of humans and gave chase to the brothers. One gave a powerful leap forward, landing in front of the voidwalker. It let out a roar but was cut off halfway as the voidwalker’s powerful hand wrapped around its throat and snapped it with seemingly little effort. Another got too close to Cyrus and found itself disemboweled.

It was this way for the next hour as the brothers fought their way through back alleys and open streets. People and monster alike died around them in droves but this did not deter them. Eventually they were at the gates to the military district, where soldiers were trying their damndest to help civilians evacuate towards the cathedral.

A couple of guards on standby noticed the trio and confronted them.

"Hey! You three, what are you doing?" the first guard shouted, "You should be heading for the cathedral," he pointed to his right.

"We know where it is!" Murmur coughed, "But we have business to finish first, and it’s right on the other side of that gate!"

"No one can—-" the second began, but there was a sudden war cry and the brothers turned to see a disturbingly large pack of Worgen attacking the fleeing citizens and their supposed saviors.

"Dammit!" The guards, apparently forgetting what they were doing, pushed passed Murmur and his voidwalker and joined the fray.

Cyrus turned to go with them, but Ose stopped him with a hard hand on his shoulder, “No, brother, we don’t have time. Our mission is more important.”

A hidden set of stairs lead the brothers down to a long neglected underground sewer access, the sounds of battle from above becoming muffled and more distant. Torches filled the tunnel with a spooky, dim light and the soft sound of running water could be heard. It also, understandably, smelled rather bad.

"There’s nothing here!" Cyrus said, kicking the wall nearby.

Ose squinted and gazed into the darkness beyond the torchlight, “No, wait, look.” He pointed.

Just on the edge of the shadows, pools of blood sat stagnant. Murmur pushed past his brothers, his voidwalker grabbing a torch along the way. Indeed, the smugglers—a group of four men and women—-lied dead around a large crate, their throats torn out.

"I thought there were six of them…" Ose said, and at his words there was a loud roar and two Worgen came leaping out of the shadows.

The voidwalker glided forward and engaged the first one, trading powerful blows one after the other. Cyrus met the second before Ose could get off a spell, his silver sword shimmering with holy light as he cut the Worgen from shoulder to crotch in a single, powerful blow. Murmur produced a vial from his robes and threw it at the remaining Worgen, the voidwalker ducked and the Worgen caught the vial full on in the face. It screamed in agony as the vial broke and corrosive, foul smelling liquid drenched its face. Within seconds, all that was left was a skull. A slow and painful death.

" ‘Zot, get the crate!" Murmur shouted at his voidwalker and it obeyed wordlessly. "I assume those were the other two smugglers. The Worgen virus must spread more quickly than we thought."

Ose was already heading back up the stairs, “Then we have to move quickly. Getting out of the city will be difficult.”

The voidwalker moved up the stairs after Ose, followed by Murmur with Cyrus covering the rear. But halfway up, Ose stopped, raising a hand and putting a finger over his mouth. The air felt strange…it took the trio a moment to realize it, but the sounds of battle heard only moments before had died down almost completely now.

"I don’t like this," Cyrus whispered, clutching his sword tightly.

"We can’t linger here, or we’ll be trapped. I didn’t memorize a map of the sewers," Ose hissed, "Let’s go."

The surface was a gory painting of violence. All around, the remnants of Worgen and human mixed together. The battle had been short, but obviously very brutal. Cyrus paled a bit and tried his best to not look at all the mutilated corpses.

The whole city was entrenched in battle now, from every direction came screams and the sound of cannon fire.

"Maybe we should head to the Cathedral," Cyrus said, "See if we can wait this out, or at least for an opening…"

Murmur hacked a lump of something up and spit it on the ground, “NO! We get out of this city NOW! We can’t lose the artifacts to these—-“

To their right, where they had first come from the pub an hour before, came a cacophony of howls and the loud sound of stampeding feet.

Cyrus’ shoulders dropped and the tip of his sword brushed the ground, “Oh, crap…”

A wall of Worgen was rushing towards the trio, some still wearing the tattered remnants of civilian clothes and guard armor. Cyrus recovered from his dismay quickly and in his left hand appeared a large hammer made of glowing yellow light.

"You two go, I’ll slow them down and follow!" He threw the hammer with all his might and it screamed through the air towards the oncoming pack. It hit the lead Worgen with a loud thunderclap and a bright light filled the area. Dozens of Worgen fell to the ground, dazed and confused. The ones unaffected began tripping over the fallen companions.

"We’re not just going to leave you—-" Ose began, but Murmur interceded.

"There’s no time to argue. Ose, get moving!" Murmur croaked. He and his voidwalker were off in a second.

Ose looked between his siblings and sighed in frustration, “We’ll see you at the extraction point,” he said to Cyrus before waving his hand and conjuring up a shadow fiend and sending it into the fray.

Cyrus grinned, “Yep.”

Ose turned and ran to catch up to Murmur, but he cast one last glance over his shoulder at Cyrus, who was now surrounded by Worgen and swinging his sword wildly, sending holy light flying every which way. Ose didn’t know it at the time, but that would be the last time he would see his baby brother.

"I know what we’re doing is important, but did you really have to just let Cyrus stay behind like that?" Ose growled at Murmur as they passed through an empty alleyway.

Murmur didn’t turn to look at his brother, “Cyrus knows the danger of what we do. None of us have ever had any real obligation to carry on our grandfather’s work like this.”

"But…" Ose began.

"ENOUGH!" Murmur roared, turning to look at Ose. Black smoke was leaking from the corners of his mouth in great puffs. He stared at Ose for a second, wheezing loudly, then turned around again.

Ose was slightly taken aback. Apparently Cyrus’ decision bothered Murmur after all. He found a bit of comfort in that despite the situation. Murmur had always been distant from them, ever since they were children. But every now and then he showed the spark of concern and kindness that only an elder brother can show to his younger siblings.

For the next leg of their journey, the brothers managed to avoid direct combat, using skirmishes between the Gilnean guards and Worgen to their advantage. However, they were brought to an immediate halt as their escape route, a small side gate out of the city, was revealed to have been blocked off with fallen rubble.

Murmur cursed and punched his voidwalker in the side of the head. The demon flinched but nothing more.

Ose shuffled forward and put his hand on one of the larger pieces of rock, “We’re trapped now…no way out.” He felt the already dim beacon of hope in his chest blinking out.

From behind them came the expected growls of Worgen. They turned to find themselves cornered against the rubble by three of the creatures, each with an undeniable hunger in their eyes.

Murmur’s voidwalker put the crate down and let Murmur slip off its shoulder. It surged forward to engage the new enemies. But it only managed to grab one, leaving the other two to charge Murmur and Ose.

Ose thrust his hands forward and from them leapt a beam of concentrated shadow which struck the left one right in the head. Murmur, who was closer, began to chant but the Worgen on the right was on him before he could finish the spell. Murmur grunted in pain as he threw up his arm and the Worgen bit down on it. He thrust his hand in the monster’s face and let loose with a shadow bolt…shattering the thing’s skull instantly.

"Brother!" Ose shouted, moving to go after Murmur who had fallen to one knee, clutching his bleeding arm, but he didn’t make it three steps.

From above and behind him, heard a bark just before something heavy landed on his back. The Worgen had apparently come from atop the wall. It bit down on Ose’s shoulder, piercing his armor of shadow.  Ose let out a desperate cry of pain as his shadow enveloped the Worgen’s head and twisted it violently.

Ose fell to his hands and knees, blood pouring from his shoulder wound all over the ground. He looked up to see Murmur’s voidwalker finish of the last Worgen and then fade into nothingness. He then looked to his brother, who had apparently passed out.

"I’m sorry, Master," a small voice in Ose’s head squeaked, "I wasn’t paying enough attention…"

Ose coughed and grimaced, “It’s alright…this was inevitable. The luck of the Haxton family line, I suppose.” He sighed and dropped to his stomach. The ground was cold and rough. Then the world went black.

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New RP thing for the origins of the MG versions of my warlock and priest. How’s it look? )

>.> Kinda want to get into RP again in WoW (on WrA or MG) but it’s been so long since I started from scratch and threw myself out there to strangers that I dunno what to do, or if I can do it.

Also tempted to bring back my priest and warlock on MG (as “different” people) and maybe write forum stories again.

Anonymous said: What's the obsession of so many male RPers with rude, selfish, bitchy drama queens and pursuing them with all of their IC and OOC attention, when there are plenty of normal and well-adjusted people who'd love to RP with them? Are they mentally stuck in high school chasing unobtainable RP cheerleaders or something? Is everyone on the server like this?


Wish I’d bothered with this blog earlier.

I’m sick and fucking tired of being “3rd Tier” to everyone around me. I’m last to know things, and it’s obvious I’m the last person people think about in every kind of situation.

"Oops, we forgot you were there."

"Oh, we didn’t think you’d mind being left out."

"Oh, we didn’t want to bother you."

"Oh, I forgot the antibiotics you need to get better. Guess you’ll just have to put up with the severe anxiety and near constant panic attacks about your condition for another 24 hours."

I could die anywhere in this house and they wouldn’t find my corpse for a week.

Anonymous said: Ducks do not exist in Azeroth and I'm getting tired of having to explain this shit


who would you have to explain it to that ducks aren’t in Azeroth?

Honestly curious.

Some quack, probably.

Books came today. :>

Finally gonna get around to reading the origins of the two anime movies that got me into anime in the first place way back in the early 90s.


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